Sometimes, words do not convey the feeling one has for a task completed or individual involved seeing that a project is successful. This is especially true with the recently completed mission trip to Farmington, Maine. Twenty-four youth and twenty-one adults worked together to paint cabins, a bathhouse, a barn, and decks. The team also re-built the worship center, which included new benches and a pavilion. Age differences disappeared. “Seasoned” adults worked with young people. The team became more important than the individual. When the week ended, we found it hard to believe so much had been accomplished in only seven days. This was our ninth trip to Farmington. While each has been special, this was one of the best experiences for all involved. One can spend a year thinking and praying about such a trip. There is much to do. Vans to rent, housing and meals to secure, material to be purchased, and people to recruit for the task.

There are no words to express my thanks for the support and dedication of the twenty-one adults who went on the trip. Some had been before and for others, it was their first trip. Each played their part, teaching, and working with youth and giving support and direction as needed. So, “Thank You” to: Ron, Taylor, Lee, Carl, George, Jack, Andy, R.C., Ed, Seth, Bill R., Bill T., Laura Lee, Karen, Norma, Sara, Margaret, Libby, Beth, and Leslie. I could not have done it without you.

Is it time to prepare body and spirit for 2020?

Chester Phelps

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