October 7 & 14, 2020 (Wednesday Nights)

If there is one place prejudice of any kind should not exist, it is within the church of Christ. Yet over the centuries, the church has been in the thick of of supporting and perpetuating discrimination and exploitation. The only way to make our journey forward in a healthy, whole way is to grapple with the role the church has played and still plays in this ongoing problem.

Dr. Carter, who is currently the Executive Director/Treasurer for the Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia (WMUV), works to inspire, equip, and help mobilize others though various ministries, many of which care for the needs of the vulnerable, outcast, unlearned, and marginalized. She will lead us from her study and experiences as we dive into a deep conversation about prejudice in the church in the past and present.


Part 1:




Part 2: