November 4, 11, & 18, 2020 (Wednesday Nights)

Everything we do is spiritual. When we ask, “How is your spiritual life?” it creates a false dichotomy—like one part of our lives is spiritual and the rest is not. But how we value and treat people, the created world, possessions, and our time is all reflected by and informing our relationship with Christ. How does Jesus relate to people, the earth, and things as he walked though life? What does God consider as rich and healthy worship?

Dr. Sam Adams, a seminary professor at Union Presbyterian Seminary here in Richmond, will bring his biblical scholarship and engaging communication skills to bear on the conversation about justice in our lives. He will help us ask hard questions, examine our relationships, and determine ways we might become better integrated as whole persons who live out of and fueled by our relationship with God through Christ.


Part 1:




Part 2:




Part 3: