May 2, 2018 (Wednesday Night) | Abigail Schreiner

HopeTree’s Foster Care program helps meet the needs of children and youth who require individualized care and attention in a stable, Christian family setting. Our goal is to create a foster home environment which enhances the emotional, educational, physical, social, and spiritual development of every child.  In this presentation, Abigail will share the story of HopeTree’s beginning, the impact of current ministry programs, and the many ways individuals and church groups can share God’s love with children in foster care.

Abigail Schreiner is the Foster Parent Recruiter at HopeTree Family Services.  Abigail’s main role in this position is to speak in churches throughout Virginia to raise awareness about the need for foster parents and to encourage loving families to open their homes to children in need.  Abigail is passionate about raising awareness of foster care in the community and advocating for policies that improve the child welfare system. She especially enjoys seeing the positive impact that a loving foster family can have on a child in care.