September 11, 2019 (Wednesday Night) | Dr. Jim Slatton and Dr. C. Michael Hawn

Where were you on September 11, 2001? It is a day so many remember in great detail with deep sadness. Hard to believe, is the fact that high school students today were not alive then. Following this horrific event and the days of questions, concerns, and prayers, churches gathered to worship and find community in which to share emotions and thoughts, and seek a way forward. River Road Church was filled to the brim, with standing room only the following Sunday. Rev. Dr. Jim Slatton had the arduous task of offering a word from the Lord; of acknowledging the reality of evil and the compassion of Christ, holding out hope for a future in a world forever changed. Dr. Slatton recalled that Sunday and offered highlights from his message, which is preserved in writing in our archives.

Click here to read Dr. Slatton’s September 16, 2001 Sermon: “For Such a Time as This”