Dear Fellow Members,

What did you do today…at church?

As a new member of the Stewardship Committee (don’t stop reading, this is not that letter), I sat and listened to thing about River Road that you will want to hear.

My family is probably not much different from yours.  At the end of each day, we talk about what we all did; what we saw; what part we played; what was accomplished; what we learned.  It’s a fun exercise that bonds us as a family.

We talk about all kinds of things like friends, recreation, money, food, politics, school… you name it.  But church?  Nope.  Why is that?

Because HALF of us have nothing to talk about.

What do folks do at our church?  They come to church, sit, listen, pray, sing and give of their time, talents and money in the service of the Lord…the other fifty percent come to church, too.

You read that right… FIFTY PERCENT!

It’s staggering to think that 50% of our ACTIVE membership is responsible for 97% of our self-sufficiency.  We were personally overwhelmed.

God loves every one of us regardless.  So, this letter is not to ask you where you are in the mix… to God and to those who serve and give, that doesn’t matter.  This letter is to ask you where you WANT to be in the mix.  That is what really matters.

If you can teach, TEACH.  If you an serve, SERVE.  If you can give, GIVE.

Look around the next time you are at church.  Talk to your family about what you see that blesses, encourages and improves you and this community.  Give your time, talents, and money willingly.  Share Jesus’ accomplishments through our church with others.  Look.  Talk.  Give.  Share.  These bond us as a family in Christ and glorify God.

Where do you want to be?


Your Stewardship Committee
Patrick Barbier (co-chair), Rich Jante (co-chair), Pat Dickinson, Keith Evans, Jay Howe, Dave Lesher, Tom Lignon, Mark Pounders