Sunday, April 21
5:00 p.m., Chapel

Taizé worship is contemplative and meditative in character, using songs which, as they are repeated, become like a prayer litany. Using just a few words, the songs express a basic reality of faith, quickly grasped by the mind. As the words are sung over many times, it gives an opportunity for the song to move from your intellect, to your emotions, to your soul—where the words becomes a prayer.

At first, all Taizé songs were written in Latin. The Brothers of Taizé thought that it might be used as a universal religious language. But as the people came to join the brothers in their prayers, they brought their own languages with them.

This service will be held in our candle-lit Chapel and will include music, scripture, meditation, prayer, and Communion.


Contemplative worship can enrich and enhance our personal connection with God. Four times a year on the third Sunday of a month (October, December, February, and April), River Road will hold a Contemplative Worship and Communion Service.  In the more intimate setting of the Chapel and drawing from a variety of musical and liturgical traditions such as Taizé, Anglican, Evensong, and Celtic, we will encounter the Holy Other and seek to bring our presence into the Divine Presence.

For those who have attended the Celtic Evensong & Communion services of the past, you will find much that is familiar. For those who have yet to experience this style of worship, we hope you will accept this invitation to perhaps step outside your comfort zone and to foster your own spiritual formation as we seek God’s presence together.