The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
World Communion Sunday
Service of Worship & Holy Communion
11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

Sermon by Daniel Glaze
“Receive the Child”
When Jesus asks us to receive the child, I think he is also speaking of all the little ones of this world–all those whom we consider of little power, of little influence, of little importance. When we receive them, we receive him.

Scripture Text:
Psalm 8
Mark 10:13-16

World Communion Sunday is observed the first Sunday in October. In a time when fear and violence divide the people of God’s earth, World Communion Sunday reminds us of our unity through Christ. Christians in congregations around the world are participating in communion today, and River Road Church, Baptist joins our brothers and sisters in all nations as we gather around the communion table with Christ.

Following worship there is a reception in the Fellowship Hall hosted by the deacons.
Everyone is invited to attend!