Palm Sunday
Service of Worship
11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

Sermon by Daniel Glaze
“Palms, Passion, Pain, and Patience”
Palm Sunday has another name: Passion Sunday. There is the parade, and there is the realization of where that parade leads. The parade celebrating Jesus is a triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Yes, it is celebratory, but it is also a journey to his death. We may be tempted to go from waving our palm branches to shouting “He is risen!” on Easter Sunday, but that would be a mistake. There is spiritual blessing in taking the journey with Jesus to the cross.

Scripture Texts:
Psalm 40
Mark 11:1-11

Music by the Chancel Choir & Chancel Bell Choir

Following worship we will have a reception in the Fellowship Hall hosted by the deacons.
Following worship, children will have an Easter egg Hunt — preschoolers will meet in the Courtyard in the Lower Commons and elementary-schoolers will meet on the Plaza outside of the Fellowship Hall.
Everyone is invited to attend!