Stewardship season is approaching. As Chairman of the Building and Property Council (B&PC) and an active member of the FIXERS group, I am keenly aware of the significance of the monetary support of our congregation. Each week, the FIXERS are provided with a work assignment list from George Davis. He references Isaiah 58:12, “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”

Throughout the centuries, man has erected magnificent structures in honor of our God. This past August, Susan and I accompanied the RRCB Chancel Choir for the England Pilgrimage. Words are inadequate in attempting to describe the beautiful Cathedrals and Abbeys we toured. There were two that stood out as the extreme examples, Glastonbury Abbey and Gloucester Cathedral. Both were impacted by the Acts of Suppression of the Monasteries in 1539. This was implemented by Henry VIII after the Pope denied him a divorce. Both of these Abbeys were dissolved. Gloucester became a Cathedral, Glastonbury did not. As a result, today Gloucester survives as a magnificent structure. Glastonbury has been reduced to ruins.

So what does all of this have to do with River Road Church? Our church is less than one hundred years old. Glastonbury and Gloucester are approaching one thousand years old. Glastonbury is left to allegorical interpretation of what it might have once been. Gloucester reflects centuries of perpetual care. River Road Church deserves and shows our support in maintaining our beautiful facility.

When we get ready for church on Sunday morning, we each put on our “Sunday Best.” We would never dream of donning the soiled, tattered work clothes that we wore doing yardwork on Saturday. As members and guests alike walk through the narthex and into the Sanctuary, they deserve the same “wow” experience I had a mere three years ago. Our church presents its “Sunday Best” every Sunday. We depend upon the generosity of our congregation to keep it that way. There are things that are easily taken for granted. The church is clean, the lights are working, the water is on, and the HVAC systems are working. While you may not think about it, our lovingly restored pipe organ depends upon the HVAC system to remain in tune.

Because of your generosity, the Building and Property Council has just had automatic door openers installed on doors at lower Fellowship Hall and the porte-cochère. This improves access to our recently rebuilt elevators. Over the summer, the north and south parking lots were resealed and striped. Additional paving was added at the front plaza to prevent damage to the turf due to heavy vehicles running off the edge of the pavement. B&PC is currently working on a lighting project for the stage area in the Fellowship Hall. We are maintaining and continuously improving our church, thanks to you.

When you consider your pledge, keep in mind our facility needs. It may not seem exciting to give to help pay the electric or water bill, but it is critically important. We are the recipients of a beautiful facility thanks to the charter members who formed RRCB more than seventy years ago. None of us can ever know what our church will be like one hundred or more years from now. But I can assure you that what we do today will be appreciated by those who follow us.

Written by Tom Gilsdorf

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