Prayer has been a practice of Christians since the first century. For much of the Church’s history, people gathered to praise God and sanctify the day. This daily public prayer and praise came to be known as the Divine Office. Because it comes at fixed hours of the day, it is also known as the Liturgy of the Hours.

Vespers is the liturgical office for evening. It also is called Evensong.

Several years ago we set Wednesday evenings in the summer for Vespers. Beginning next Wednesday, June 20, we meet in our Chapel at 7:00 p.m. for a 30-40 minute service of prayer, praise and preaching.

Last summer our messages were brought by ordained clergy

who are members of River Road Church. Recently someone in our congregation observed: “you can’t swing a dead cat at River Road Church without hitting an ordained minister.” I had never thought of it in quite that way, but it’s a vivid image and an accurate one. We are blessed to have almost two dozen clergy as church members. A few are on our ministerial staff. Most are employed in other ministerial positions such as teaching, denominational administration and chaplaincy. Some are retired from ministry.
Bob Gallagher is working on music for the services and, as always, it will enhance our ability to experience God’s presence.Again this summer our messages will be brought by River Road Church clergy members. The one exception is Andrew Terry, a recent graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary who was ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church last weekend and who this week begins a new position with Richmond Hill. Andrew grew up in River Road Church.

Vespers is, first and foremost, about worship. But it also can become an hour around which you can build fellowship and service. Call a few friends and fellow church members and plan to go out to dinner or for ice cream when Vespers are over. If you have a committee that needs to meet, schedule it at 7:45 and attend Vespers first.
Blessings,Gather up the concerns and blessings of the day, bring them to worship each Wednesday and give them over to God.


Vesper Services

June 20
Rev. Dr. Robert Y. Sandford

June 27
Rev. Frank G. Schwall, Jr.

July 11
Rev. Chester L. Phelps

July 18
Rev. Sheryl A. M. Johnson

July 25
Rev. Dr. Daniel G. Bagby

August 1
Rev. Dr. William P. Tuck

August 8
Rev. Andrew B. Terry

August 15
Rev. Dr. Michael J. Clingenpeel

August 22
Rev. Andrew T. Collier

August 29
Rev. Louise B. Mason