Participate in our Virtual Summer Vesper Services
Deadline: Sunday, July 12, 2020

All ages and families can participate by submitting a recorded piece.

In late summer we will enjoy several services that include the leadership of folks all across our church family. If you were able to come and experience these special times last summer, you know it was meaningful to hear loved ones talk about how God works in their lives, offer their gifts of music and reading, and include people of all ages. We hope to have similar opportunities this summer, through online presentation. The Board of Christian Education & Spiritual Formation would love to have you participate.

Below you will see a variety of ways you can offer your gift of sharing. Please take a moment and pray about how God might use you to encourage others by sharing your talent or story. The offerings will be joined together to create short services of reflection and worship that will provide encouragement for those who enjoy them.

Once you sign up, you will be contacted about your participation to offer instructions and have your questions answered. Thank you for considering how you might be used in building up the body of Christ that is River Road Church, Baptist.

Sign up here to offer your gift to the Lord for the encouragement of one another.

Candle Lighters

Last year we had children light a candle for worship to remind us that we gather in the presence of Christ, the Light of the world. If you or your child(ren) would like to record the lighting of a candle, to have it used in our vesper services, please sign up.

Scripture Readers

If you are willing to receive a scripture passage to read, while video recording yourself, please sign up to read.


  • Consider your answer to the following question(s):
  • How have you sensed God close to you recently?
  • Is there something God has been teaching you or growing in you?
  • Are there ways you have had to depend on God and found God to be faithful?
  • What is inspiring you and encouraging you right now?
  • How have you witnessed God at work?
  • Been blessed?

You are invited to write out your brief story, in response to any of these question or something similar, and video record it to share.


If you are an artist, writer of poetry or prose, musician, or creative type, what would you share of your talents that might encourage others or demonstrate how God cares for or grows us? If you need a hymn suggestion list or some input, feel free to reach out to Anna at You are invited to write a brief explanation of what you are sharing, and video record this and any presentation on your phone to share.