A Ministry of Care by Dr. Daniel G. Bagby

Pastoral Care Guidance for Deacons, Stephen Ministers, and the Congregation of River Road Church, Baptist

Stress and Anxiety Care

Ten main stressors:

  1. Compressed time: Frazzled from hectic daily schedules.
  2. Communication overload: Information glut (cell phone/texting).
  3. Disconnection of significant relationships.
  4. Cost and enticement: What it costs to live.
  5. Competition: for adequacy/place/recognition.
  6. Depersonalization: Rudeness, loss of respect.
  7. Dependence on technology: pace requires flawless perform.
  8. Change: Happens at quicker pace; out of our control.
  9. Struggling with expectations.
  10. Complexity: Balancing more demands than ever.

Questions to ask:

  1. Feel continually rushed and pressed for time?
  2. How long since you did anything fun?
  3. Become more irritable or impatient as the month progresses?
  4. Neglecting your health in any way?
  5. Feel dissatisfied or discontent with the past year?
  6. Feel apprehensive about the family gathering?
  7. Anticipating a change in your life you’ve been resisting or avoiding?
  8. A relationship in your life that needs attention?
  9. Plagued with the nagging sensation that something is missing in your life?
  10. Headaches/anxiety/muscular tension/sleep/stomach/spending/ appetite/irritability/tight, clenched jaw/worry/distracted/resentful?