This past week the youth went to PASSPORTmissions Camp at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. We arrived at River Road early Monday morning to head off to camp. There were twenty-six excited faces that climbed on board, and the ride down was full of laughter, games and songs. Once we arrived in Greenville, we began the week of camp.

“In the morning you’re learning about the Bible and in the evening you’re going out and doing it.” –Emma Gardner, Camp Director talking about Passport.

The theme for this week was Fear Less. RRCB youth learned to Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Be Brave and Strong, and Love Always. Each day during Bible Study, the youth dove into each of these different themes. They learned how to listen out for what God is saying to them. They learned about practicing and creating a strong foundation for their faith. They learned about being brave and standing up for what is right, and they learned about being kind and loving to everyone. Each day during Bible Study, we learned about living out our faith fearlessly and what that may look like.

In the afternoons, they put what they had learned into action. Once we had eaten lunch, we all went to a different mission site with our Bible Study groups all around the city of Greenville, SC. Some of us went to a creek to help keep the area clean, some went to a church to help paint, and some went to houses, a Goodwill, children’s day camps or community gardens. Each day was filled with hard work, but it was work that was needed and that we could see was making a difference in the people we were working with. Our youth learned what it was like to live out their faith and be the hands and feet of Jesus. We made differences in the lives of those we worked beside and made friendships with people from the many different churches that were there at camp.

In the evenings after we had finished with our work for the day, we came back as a group and did something fun. There was the Superhero Training Camp Rec Party that involved games, running, and competition. There was also a 60’s Themed Dance Party, and a Variety show. As a youth group, we went to see Spider-Man: Far From Home and divided into two teams to play in the volleyball tournament. We laughed, hugged, and had fun as a group each day. Each day was full, busy, and full of Jesus.

This week I saw so much love between all the youth that went. They were kind and supportive of each other. I saw them cheer each other on and compete against each other. They laughed, and cried, and experienced Jesus together. I left with a full heart that was ready to live out my faith fearlessly, and I hope each of the youth who went feel the same way (and I really think they do!).

Written by Megan Parrish