Trip: August 2-9, 2014

Volunteer to be a Team Member:

  • Building relationships with women, spa night
  • Medical: health screenings and education
  • Gardening: memory/healing garden, plant new vegetable garden
  • Meal preparation for the team
  • Maintenance tasks for Tipi Wakan
    • Foam insulation on bottom of walls
    • Replace air filters
    • Clean multipurpose room
    • Tankless water heater in bathroom
    • Replace threshold on rear door
    • High capacity (super flush) toilet in girls bathroom
    • Paint woodwork including doors
    • Replace or repair door and casing on front door
  • Possibility of construction project
    • Skirting with insulation around trailer
    • Venturer’s Trailer needs to be winterized
    • Build a covered entryway for Venturer’s trailer
  • Organizational tasks for Pastor Boots

Ways to Engage at Home:

  • Prayer – Prayer Calendar and family prayer cards are available.
  • Sewing Project – make fleece quillows.
  • Donate – Donated items and Gift Cards will be accepted in the WMUV office from June 15 – July 15, or at River Road Church through July 15.
    • Walmart/Sam’s Club gift cards for supplies for ministries
    • Lowe’s gift cards for construction supplies
    • New Shoes, new socks, new underwear for all ages for WMU
    • Monetary gifts to Equine Ministry at Tipi Wakan

More Information

  • RRCB: Laura Lee Chandler, Standing Rock Volunteer Team Leader (804-337-4483)
  • WMUV: Maria Lynn, Adult Missions Coordinator (800-255-2428 ext. 8301)