Note: This is a series of posts aimed at helping you get to know your church staff in a more personal way. We hope you enjoy!

Cassandra has been on staff as the church’s Communications Specialist since September 2011. She is a native of the east coast, having lived in New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and is lucky enough that her dad lives in southwest Florida. (Don’t worry, Hurricane Michael did not pay him a visit this year, but last year’s Hurricane Irma made her second landfall just south of him and the eye of storm was over his area — he was safe and his home had minimal damage, though areas around him were severely affected.)

She has a younger brother named Christopher (he lives in Richmond). When their dad remarried in 2016, Cassandra and Christopher became part of the “Floridian Brady Bunch,” as their stepmom has two sons. Cassandra and Christopher’s mom lives in Richmond and remarried in 1999.

Cassandra graduated in 2007 from Monacan High School in Chesterfield County. While at Monacan, she was involved in the theatre department serving as production crew, as well as performing in two Virginia High School League (VHSL) competition plays. In addition to theatre, she was captain of the Forensics Team (completive public speaking) and placed in the top 10 in the state (VHSL) two years in a row.

After high school, Cassandra moved to Philadelphia to study at the University of the Arts (UARTS) where she majored in Communication and her focus areas were professional writing and advertising. While living in Philadelphia, Cassandra worked in the tutoring and academic achievement office at UARTS as an office assistant and at the well-known store Di Bruno Brothers. UARTS opened the door to a lot of real-life opportunities where Cassandra worked on a project with an advertising agency, led the marketing team for a student-run art exhibit, organized the album release and marketing of a nation-wide tour for an indie band, and implanted a communications plan for an educational non-profit organization.

The summer after graduation, Cassandra moved back to Richmond, adopted a cat named Teddy, and started working at RRCB!

In her spare time, Cassandra loves music, movies, pop culture, and sports (yes she knows about Gritty), and she even plays Fortnite.