Thanksgiving is a few weeks behind us, and New Years is a couple of weeks ahead, so I am going to take this opportunity to express thankfulness, and to reflect on my two and a half years here on staff. As a new employee, I had no idea how everything flowed so smoothly through the church office and facility. Now I know that it is because of the significant efforts of our church staff. I can attribute a good deal of what I know now about church administration to those people on staff who have had the patience to gently explain the ways of this church.

In addition to keeping the building spotless, our custodial staff always seems to anticipate the needs of different groups using the building. Chuck, Raymond and Zelda have taught me that details are important at RRCB, and there are tons of details to be aware of. But, there are also times to build relationships and have a chat or a chuckle.

The administrative staff keeps up with the communication and publication needs of the church. In the Advent season, this can be an almost overwhelming task, but the staff puts on a smiling face amidst all the last minute changes to the bulletins. Sandi, Steve and Susan have taught me that this is a human and spiritual endeavor, and that a smile and a laugh are most compatible with the minutia. Cassandra has brought our website to life, with a seemingly continuous flow of new content, events and pictures. LeAnne continues to teach me the arcane ways of church accounting. I am sure she feels like she is herding cats at times, but perseveres with grace.

The extra effort of these staffers has made my job easier and much more enjoyable. If they have been helpful to you, please let them know how much you appreciate their work.