Standing reservations for Wednesday Dinners are now available for the spring. These reservations are only available as a pre-paid option. This means that the nineteen Wednesdays from January through May must be pre-paid in order to have a “standing reservation.”

The deadline for this pre-payment is anytime before the first dinner on January 9. The pre-paid standing reservation provides a 10% discount from the normal price. So, even if you miss a Wednesday or two, you will maintain the convenience of having a standing reservation.

To make your standing reservation, please call the Church Office (804-288-1131) and send your payment, or reserve and pay through the Church’s website.

Normal Price/Week Spring 2013 Cost
Adults $7.00/week $120.00/19 weeks
Youth $7.00/week $120.00/19 weeks
Children $3.00/week $50.00/19 weeks
Family Max $20.00/week $340.00/19 weeks