Dear River Roader,

As a long-time member of RRCB I could never do enough by myself to service even the smallest needs of our church or those who need help beyond. But we are blessed here at RRCB to be among many small groups, where I can be a part of a focused and concentrated effort with others to actually make a huge difference through the church I love.

There are over 30 different small groups, Sunday school classes, committees, boards, and councils available at RRCB, where members will find Christian friends and purpose while multiplying the efforts of the groups’ participants.

Members can explore the RRCB website at and see all of the small groups listed and how to get in touch with them. There are also stories there about how thankful strangers are for RRCB’s help through mission trips and other small group efforts.

At least one of those stories of small groups’ work has already been shared with the congregation. It was a letter read to members of my most cherished small group, the Friendship Sunday school class. The letter was received from a young girl who had received a previous scholarship to attend a Baptist summer camp, Camp Alkulana. When this young girl explained in her letter to Alkulana’s manager how she felt closer to God and also safer at Alkulana than at any other place, it grabbed our hearts and convinced us to focus our efforts on sponsoring a goal of 16 scholarships at $500 each.

The class raised over $9,000, and in a separate campaign, we helped the church raise another $8,000. I could have never done that by myself, nor could have anyone else in the class, but together with other Christian friends in the class devoted to that cause, we did it. We made a Dif. Then in concert with the Stewardship Theme this year, we Donated It Forward (the other side of DIF) to support that great worthy cause which is highly appreciated by Richmond’s inner-city kids. The smiles on their website remind us of how much it means to them.

The Stewardship Committee is another small group on which I gladly serve with others. It is a committee of the Board of Administration and is another small sized group which is involved in lots of administrative activities and decision recommendations for RRCB’s considerations and implementations. When I reviewed the many small group options to help me decide on which I would prefer to serve, my late wife, Kate, and I made a big and successful decision in 1962 when we helped start the now Friendship class. That decision has grown into the realization of some of the best Christian friends any person could wish for. I met my current wife, Doris, there in class years ago. I consider the Friendship class as my small group home. Together we strive to make a “Dif” in other people’s lives.

Later I added the Board of Administration as my missional small group.Through it and its sub-committees, RRCB again practices outreach to help others in need. I hope these few examples may help you see and consider the benefits of having a small group home and a missional small group. This will provide a healthy base exposure to Jesus’ teachings and his love for all who gather in his name.

This small group nucleus is knit together in the RRCB body of believers, and especially woven during each Sunday Worship Service. It is also wrapped in such  meaningful sermons by Pastor Glaze and staff, plus the stimulating music of Bob Gallagher and his associates through another favorite small group, the RRCB’s choirs. What a huge DIF these all make in many lives at RRCB and beyond. I gladly offer a portion of what God has given me through Grace, not works, by offering my DIF (Donate It Forward) in thanks to God who donated it first to all of us to share and make a Difference.

C. Page Highfill

Donate It Forward