Women’s Bible Study: Joyful Hearts

RRCB supports many groups that provide opportunities for Christian growth and service. Since 2008, Joyful Hearts has been one of these groups. Ably led by Kitty Davis, 25 -30 women meet for several weeks each spring and fall to read and study a particular book chosen by the group. Our first book was Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. That was followed by many other books by various authors. Our current book study is What’s So Amazing about Grace? by Philip Yancey. We have wonderful discussions (sometimes straying from the subject but interesting and helpful nevertheless). We also love and support one another.  Author Kahlil Gibran wrote, “May there be such a oneness between us that when one weeps the other tastes salt.”  That describes Joyful Hearts!

Written by Beth Wilson


Men’s Group: The Huddle

The Huddle is a Wednesday morning group for men. When I first heard of this group, I was unconvinced. How would this be different from Sunday School? Did I really want to be up and going to a group at 8:00 a.m.? I had just retired from a 40-year career as a counselor and had facilitated groups almost every day of my career. Eventually I decided to give it a try.

What I found was a remarkable group of men, supporting each other in a manner which is quite rare in our culture. Along with the study and discussion of topics and books, here is a group of men not only dedicated to our church and its mission, but also very supportive of each other on a personal level. This is the variable that not only has me attending Huddle sessions regularly, prepared for discussion, but also actually looking forward to each group gathering in spite of the early hour.

We usually pick a book to study and discuss. We recently have finished reading Holy Envy by Barbara Brown Taylor, and discussed our thoughts and feelings about the topic of understanding and finding the best points of other major world religions. We also have studied Paul’s letter to the Romans, as well as Ben Campbell’s book, Richmond’s Unhealed History, followed by a visit by the author and discussion. This summer we met with the pastor of Quioccasin Baptist Church, followed by a meeting with a group of their members for discussion about how we could get to know each other and work together.

The Huddle is a small part of the ministry of River Road Church that has become a large part of my week and how I experience being a part of a Christian community.  I feel it is important in a large church to have small parts for more personal and intimate participation.  In addition to the other larger efforts and ministries of River Road, the Huddle has become very important to me and makes a big difference in my life.

Written by Carl Collier

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