sun crossSometimes, in the silence, after death, I do not hear His voice….

Sometimes in the chaos of my scattered life, I miss His gentle hand.

Sometimes when I’m busy talking, I miss what He just said.

Sometimes, in the darkness, I rarely see His face.

Sometimes, when the pain is strident, I miss His tender touch.

Sometimes, in the stress of sorrow, I have failed to see His tears.

Sometimes, in my loneliness, I’ve wondered if He’s there….

Sometimes, but not always, I have doubted that He cares.

Sometimes, there’s no meaning, and I’ve almost given up.

Sometimes, I have wondered, why He doesn’t move the stone.

Sometimes, I live inside a shadow, and can barely find a path.

And, sometimes, when I least expected it, He surprises, and there’s hope.

Sometimes, but not always, there’s a slender glimpse of dawn.

Sometimes, but not always, there’s a comfort, and a peace.

Sometimes, but not always, I believe, and trust—again.

Please, Rabboni, calm the storm within my soul—

And also–roll away the stone—that keeps me in my grave.