I am ignorant about popular culture, and my ignorance is, for the most part, willful. I do not know why I should keep up with the Kardashians. I had to Google the name to make certain I spelled it correctly. And I don’t know whywhy I should carecare about the latest antics of Lady Gaga.

On occasion, however, news from the popular culture tweaks my interest. Yesterday, two items stopped me cold.

The first was an announcement by Publisher’s Weekly that users of cell phones and other digital devices download Bible applications more than the ubiquitous game called Angry Birds. It heartens me to know that we can have at our fingertips a Bible, prayer book, or other aids in spiritual formation.

River Road Church is entering the digital age slowly, and keeping the cutting age at a respectful distance. No time soon should you expect to see flat panel monitors on the back of each pew, iBibles or ihymnals at every seat, or a digital offering where church members can make an electronic donation while the choir sings an anthem. (Actually, you can do this last thing already from your iPad or computer…just turn off the volume so the rest of us won’t miss the music in the sanctuary).

The second item from the popular culture is that Mattel is now making a “Tattooed Barbie.” Yes, Barbie now comes with pink, punk hair, and body art. A sign of the times, about which I do not need to comment further.

What an interesting world.

By Mike Clingenpeel, Pastor