We all are parents, have grown children who have their own children, or know someone who could benefit from this information. I invite you to share this information with them.

As I, a parent of three kids, prepare myself for Holy Week, I often find myself at a loss for how to talk about Good Friday and Easter. It’s hard enough for me to understand, let alone trying to explain to children how Jesus was dead and then was alive or trying to explain why Jesus died on the cross. It is important that we are able to have conversations with our children about the events of Holy Week. But, how?

I have pulled together some notes from a book entitled Sharing the Easter Faith with Children by Carolyn C. Brown.

This document is some general information about how children of different ages understand the events of Holy Week and how adults can share the Easter Faith with children.

This document is a good, one-page summary of the notes about Holy Week. Make sure to read the legend first. Otherwise, you might be confused.

When it comes to forming faith in our children, parents are, far and above, the most important part of this journey. Certainly, the Church plays an important role, but my hope is that the Church is helping to resource you as parents and caregivers.

It is important that you are showing your children that faith is important. How will you do this? I encourage you to give this some thought. Prayers for wisdom. Prayers for patience. Prayers for strength as you help your child to grow up to be a follower of Jesus.