March 3-31

Hands of encouragement to refugees and immigrants are extended by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) missionaries/field personnel in several areas of North America. Numbers of individuals arrive from war-torn, politically unstable, and/or economically destitute countries seeking hope and opportunity for a better life for themselves and their families. Their challenges are great as they meet a new culture and need to use a language which is not native to them. CBF missionary couples who are working to help them include Marc and Kim Wyatt in CanadaRick and Lita Sample in California; and Greg and Sue Smith in Fredericksburg, Virginia. While giving caring support and sharing God’s love, they assist with everyday tasks such as finding a job, filling in applications and forms, securing a place to live and food, getting needed medical care, and helping to get children enrolled in school.

Financial support for these dedicated couples is largely dependent on the Global Missions Offerings of members of CBF churches such as River Road Church, Baptist. As we walk through the days of Lent, may we add to our prayer lists the names of these missionaries and plan our Easter Offering to help support their work. Gifts may be made online or in envelops found in pew racks of the Sanctuary.