Last year, the River Road Church Columbarium passed its 15th birthday quietly, without Columbarium Memorial Gardencelebration. During the week, there are sounds of children’s laughter from the preschool playground, but at most other times, the Columbarium is a quiet, peaceful corner of our campus. The architecture blends in so well with the adjoining chapel that most people would not realize that it is almost 50 years younger than the chapel.

The Columbarium offers options for in-ground internment or niches for inurnment. Small and large niches are available, with some offering the ability to hold up to four urns, depending on size.

Planning ahead of time for end of life arrangements for yourself or other family members can be helpful. I take many calls from family members that are unsure of what the best option is for a recently deceased loved one. Does he already have a spot reserved? What are the options and the cost? Did he previously inquire about the Columbarium?

If you are considering the RRCB Columbarium, then a quick inquiry through the Church Office can get things moving. The paperwork does not take much time, and there are many options still available. Even after 15 years, less than 20% of the available space has been reserved. Additional information is also available here.