Psalm 71:1-14

We wanted to teach the word “refuge” to our grandchildren last year, so we sang the little song “Under His Wings” to them. When we got to the words, “Safe in the refuge hide thee,” they took off to hide wherever they thought they would be in a safe refuge so granddaddy couldn’t find them. They learned the word, we had fun, and we talked about God being our refuge.

The writer of the Psalms asked God to be his rock and refuge. Rocks are safe places. Our rocks can be family, friends, or mentors. They stand with us or behind us. They encourage us and help us fly to new heights; we won’t even be cast away when we are old or sick or feeble. We have purpose. God is our rock of salvation, our refuge in time of trouble, and our wings of love on which we can fly.

Prayer: Dear Father, help us to call upon you to be our wings, our refuge, and our rock, which will always provide us with hope and we will praise you for evermore. Amen.

Marshall and Joyce Parker