I’m very much in favor of rocking in the sanctuary. If that sentence scares your britches off, fear not. I’m not talking about bringing in a full drum set, keyboards, fog machine, electric guitar, and a worship leader with more hair gel than Fantastic Sam’s.

What I’m talking about is an idea from the faithful folks at First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC. My friend Alan Sherouse is the pastor of First Baptist and the son of Craig Sherouse from Second Baptist here in Richmond.

Rocking chairs in the FBC Greensboro Sanctuary

This creative church took out a pew or two from the back of the sanctuary and installed some rocking chairs instead. The idea is that parents and caretakers of infants would be able to remain in the worship service in the event their little ones get fussy or needed feeding or a moment of cuddling. Usually a fussy or fidgety child means a parent has to leave worship, but these rocking chairs are a simple, yet profound, way to say, “we want you present here.”

How might we as River Road Church, Baptist extend hospitality to those who visit us in worship? Maybe we wouldn’t install rocking chairs in the sanctuary (maybe we would—who knows), but I bet if we put our heads together we can come up with some simple ways to extend the welcoming love of Christ to all persons. Please send me your ideas…and let’s talk about it—danielglaze@rrcb.org.