From July 23 to 27, 2014, members of our Chancel, Youth, and Crusader Choirs will be leading worship for Evensong and Eucharist services at Canterbury Cathedral, England. This choir residency program will allow us to immerse ourselves in the ancient daily worship and prayer life of the Christian church. Many of our choir members know that we were originally invited to sing next summer (2013) at Christ Cathedral, Oxford. Although this trip had had the makings of an inspiring experience, I felt that such a tour, so soon, would have resulted in a stressful year of preparation, both musically and financially. If we start now, we will have plenty of time to prepare for 2014. During the next two seasons, our rehearsals and services will include music that is appropriate to Cathedral Evensong and a to very public, well-attended Sunday service of Holy Eucharist. The British always look forward hearing American music, especially spirituals – which we will be happy to provide.

The purpose of today’s blog post is to inform the entire congregation that this tour in not just for singers: you are all invited to join us as guests and listeners and fellow worshipers – pilgrims, as it were. We can return to Richmond with our own set of “Canterbury Tales.” And as always, our choral program welcomes capable singers who want to engage their vocal skills to bring God’s message to others, both here and abroad – a recruitment opportunity. Please send me an e-mail if you would like more detailed information about this special tour – full of musical and spiritual enrichment.

by Bob Gallagher