The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) has continued to meet bimonthly since September 30.  We have engaged the consultant services of Dr. Bill Wilson, through the Center for Healthy Churches and met with him for an orientation session on December 5, 2015.

The PSC is ready to receive emails at

Please keep the work of the PSC in your prayers.

Save the Dates:
Congregational Conversations in the Fellowship Hall
Sunday, January 17, 3:00 p.m.
Monday, January 25, 7:30 p.m.

We plan to have Congregational Conversations on January 17 and January 25, both in Fellowship Hall.  We feel these are sessions will be extremely important in the search process and to allow the committee to obtain maximal input from the congregation.  We will be able to accommodate 400-420 individuals in those two sessions and hope that every seat will be filled (reservations will be requested; available at a later date).  In the first part of the session, we hope to concentrate on what you as the congregation think is the important DNA of River Road Church, as well as what are the positive attributes of this congregation.  In the latter half of the session we hope to concentrate on what the congregation thinks will be the important issues in the life of this church during the next decade, as well as what the aspirations are and where we need to be as a congregation in the next decade.  This will be important information for the PSC to have as we recruit a new Pastor.

More details and reservations coming soon.