There is no shortage of examples of proud institutions that have been tainted by abuse of children and youth: churches, scouting organizations, universities, etc. Parents have a right to ask what is being done to protect their children in institutions they trust. During baby dedications, RRCB has spoken about caring for children of the church as our own. What has the church done to assure that these children are properly cared for?

In 2009, the Board of Administration of RRCB approved Guiding Policies for Workers with Minors. This is a comprehensive policy that covers all volunteers and paid workers who work with children and youth at RRCB. This includes all programs sponsored by the church, including off-site retreats and camps.

These policies include the following provisions:

  • Background checks on all volunteers and workers
  • Requirement that all classrooms have unobstructed windows to the hallway
  • Requirement that all care and teaching sessions with minors have two unrelated adults present, when possible
  • Other provisions including safe transportation and driver approval

We take these child protection guidelines seriously, and work diligently to be sure that the volunteers and workers with youth and children are properly selected. As we get ready for our fall kickoff of Sunday School and other children’s programs, please work with us to fill out forms and understand the requirements of our policy. Please direct any questions to Mike Price in the church office.

by Mike Price, Church Administrator