Micah 5:2, 4-5a

Today’s scripture contains prophesy of Micah that God will bring forth a ruler for Israel, who shall come from Bethlehem and the linage of David. The Gospel writers provide the details of Jesus’ arrival on earth some 500 to 600 years later, including his birth in Bethlehem to Mary, promised in marriage to Joseph, a descendant of King David.

Does it amaze you, as it does me, that Micah (or as scholars believe, one of his disciples) writing hundreds of years earlier could foresee this great event? How did he know?

by Abigail M.

Perhaps, this prophet could announce his vision so many years before the event unfolded because he lived a life that was in touch with God’s plan for the world. The writer had obviously studied the history of God’s promises and blessings to the early patriarchs, and he had lived his life developing a faith that God would provide, in the future, a leader without peer for his people. Indeed, his faith was so strong that he could also express his hope that all the nations of earth world recognize this ruler’s greatness, producing a world at total peace.

Our Heavenly Father, as we once again relive this season awaiting the coming of Your Son, give us the wisdom to envision Your Plan for the world and our part in it. Renew our faith and hope so that it is as strong as that of your prophet of old and cause us to act in ways that will enable Your Kingdom to come on earth.

Dan Stevens