Originally posted in the Fall 2015 Quarterly Explorer

_WFJ8474Our church has developed several steps to guide us through ministerial staff leadership changes, and the next few months will afford us a chance to watch them in action and participate in their guidance. Three different organizations give direction and focus to important short term and long term staff leadership needs at RRCB. In case they need further clarification, I’ve listed them for your prayerful awareness.

(1) Interim Church Staff Positions: Except for the position of interim pastor, the Personnel Committee of the church is assigned the responsibility of responding to immediate and temporary ministerial staff needs at our church, and they with the pastor offer recommendations to the church in regard to any interim positions the church may desire or need. (Susan Rucker is Chair of the Personnel Committee.)

(2) Interim Pastor: Upon the resignation of the senior pastor, the Board of Deacons is authorized to appoint an ad hoc committee from its membership to decide how to fill the position of interim pastor. The Chair of the Board of Deacons consults with the Board to select such a temporary committee, who are assigned the responsibility of recommending a person (or persons) to serve as interim pastor for the congregation in one of several possibilities:

  • A— An interim pastor with worship and preaching responsibilities on Sundays only; current staff to undertake weekday pastoral duties.
  • B— Several interim pastors with monthly or quarterly responsibilities for worship and preaching responsibilities on Sundays only; staff responsible for weekday pastoral duties.
  • C— An interim pastor with worship and preaching responsibilities; weekly pastoral duties (hospital visitation, weddings, funerals, etc); and other tasks as determined by the ad hoc committee.
  • D— An intentional interim pastor, specially trained to lead the church in a focused reflection on its history, an evaluation of its mission and purpose, its strengths, and its identity, while leading the congregation in worship preparation and preaching responsibilities.

(Gladys Fleming is Chair of the Board of Deacons.)

(3) New Pastor: The Nominating Committee is authorized to submit to the congregation a list of twenty potential Search Committee members (now identified and shared in our publications). The congregation, in a called business meeting (set for September 13, directly after worship) will select no more than ten of those members to function as a Pastor Search Committee for the church. Nominations from the floor that day will be accepted, and the result of the election will be announced that evening at the Celebration Sunday picnic. (John Whitty is Chair of the Nominating Committee.)

We on the church staff pray with you for God’s wisdom and guidance as we move through these important steps. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, or share any concerns you may have during this transition time.