When we moved to Richmond five years ago, we immediately started visiting churches. For us not to have a church community would be an unimaginable void. From our early life, church has pointed us to THE ANCHOR in all the ups and downs of life.

In our new city we attended Worship services, Sunday Schools, and Wednesday night programs in several churches for a number of months. River Road stayed in the forefront, but getting to know the landscape of churches in Richmond was a necessary lesson. We finished our tutorial and focused all of our attention on aspects of River Road.

Here we found inspired worship in the form of prayers, sermons, music, and a strong Sunday School program. As necessary as all of that is, finding a community of people who are warm and who want to be shaped by the God of all things was paramount. We found all of this in River Road and started our pledge of dollars and time in order to show our support and gratitude for all River Road has done—and will do—for coming generations.

Written by Patsy & Frank Kendall