Anybody remember those old MasterCard commercials with the “Priceless” tagline? That’s how we think about giving to River Road Church, Baptist.

We can’t put a price on “church” – the way a beautiful service moves us, our Sunday School class bringing us dinners after the birth of our children, Jay asking to read “God’s book” after spending Sunday morning with Mrs. Lowery, hearing Adeline sing Jesus Loves Me (which we didn’t teach her), Jay knowing who in the church office has candy, receiving an unexpected handwritten note from a church member when you need it most, learning new terms (finsta) and games (Mafia) from the youth. The list goes on.

At the same time, we understand that there are expenses associated with the things we love about RRCB. The worship service doesn’t happen without electricity, heat/AC, worship bulletins, functioning organ, etc. Sunday School classes require curriculum and a place to meet. In addition to space and curriculum, preschool classes require paid teachers, art supplies, snacks, and so on. Youth programming requires many of the same items – space for activities, curriculum, snacks(!), art supplies, office supplies and more. It may seem odd to think about paying for RRCB’s utility bills, office supplies, and facility maintenance when thinking about why one should give to church. We realize these bills have to be paid in order for us to experience RRCB’s worship service, Sunday School, children and youth programming, and so much more.

Electricity                                $48,000
Heating-Gas                            $20,000
Postage                                    $7,000
Preschool Workers                  $22,000
Maintenance & Repairs           $75,000
Insurance                                 $46,700
“Church”                                 Priceless

Written by Jack and Sara Heisler


Growing in Commitment, Rooted in Faith