Originally published in the 2017 Summer Quarterly Explorer

Chicken Hatching Program

This year the children have loved taking part in the Rent a Coop-Chick Hatching Program. This amazing program offers our students the opportunity to observe as the chicks develop inside the egg with a special light. Older classes will get to watch as they peck out of the egg and begin their journey after 21 days inside the egg. In addition, each class gets to observe and interact with six baby chicks while waiting for the seven eggs to hatch! This activity has been a favorite among our students as well as many of our parents!


Buddy Bench

With the amazing support of one of our parents, Harrison Raven, the preschool has introduced its first Buddy Bench on the playground. The concept behind this bench is to encourage inclusiveness, empathy and friendship among the children in our program. When a student feels lonely or sad on the playground, other children are encouraged through our LIFE program and through daily teacher interaction to welcome them the child in into their group play. We will continue reminding the children through the end of the year the only way to have a friend, is to be one.