On Monday, folks in Richmond, VA (and all up and down the eastern half of the country) were preparing for a significant winter event.  Grocery stores were packed, parents were making plans for schools to be closed, and schedules were being rearranged to accommodate difficult travel conditions.  We were given fair warning of the storm’s immediate approach, and we used that knowledge to get ourselves ready and prepare for the storm’s arrival.

Dictionary.com defines the verb prepare as “to put in proper condition or readiness.” The season of Lent is a time to put our spirits into proper condition or readiness as we approach, recall, and celebrate Christ’s action on the cross and God’s triumph over the grave.

There is no one way to prepare for or “do” Lent.  For the past few years, River Road Church has asked members and ministers of the church to write reflections on passages of scripture which are then shared with the greater community on our website.   A new devotion is posted each day beginning with Ash Wednesday and concluding on Easter Sunday.

Children of the church were also given the list of scriptures and chose which one they wanted to reflect upon and then illustrate what that passage meant to them.  These drawings are included in many of the devotions.

Consider this an invitation to take a few minutes each day to read and reflect on a passage of scripture, using these devotions as an aid in that endeavor. May they be helpful as you put your hearts and minds in proper condition and readiness to hear what the Spirit has to say to you as we journey to the cross and empty tomb.