Submitted by Michael Kellett, Minister with Children & Youth

Lindsey Stevens

Generous God, we hear your voice, yet we wander from your path. We are distracted by stressful barriers in our lives. Sometimes, even problems that seem small can overwhelm us: difficulties at school, pressure at work, strained relationships with friends.  Other times, the challenges are even greater.  Some of us face the prospect of homelessness, of hunger, or of illness that changes our lives forever.  Whatever it may be, there are moments we get angry with you, God. But instead of being disappointed, you welcome us with open arms. You watch over us while we grieve and comfort us in times of need. You give us hope in times of doubt, love in times of sadness, and faith in times of confusion. You treat each of us like a star, even when we are unsure how to treat ourselves. And, we thank you. Please give us the strength to lead others to your caring nature. In your name we pray.