Psalm 98:1-9

This Psalm is one of praise to God in anticipating the coming of the Divine One. Praising…You may have a song that you find yourself humming, or you might have a song that you love to sing along with another one. Take this a step further, and you may hear a song that gives you chill bumps or fills your eyes with water. That is what our choir at River Road does for me on many occasions. Take it up a notch from there. The Hallelujah Chorusis one of my all time favorites. I love all the various parts that are sung and the number of instruments that are being played. I can only imagine that this MUST BE a glimmer of what the “heavens rejoicing” has got to sound like!

by Addison T.

To listen to the voices that the Lord has given people tells me without a doubt that God is with us, among us, loves us, and blesses us. Praising to me takes on a different level when singing and music are involved. It must be so pleasing to God to have us celebrating Him in such a special way.

Ashley Evans