Psalm 121

The 121st Psalm gives us the strong assurance of God’s protection in all circumstances. It is a beautiful testimony of the steadfast love of the Lord. His love is everlasting. Our help comes from the powerful force of the One who made heaven and earth.

He watches over us day and night. He never slumbers nor sleeps. He keeps us from evil. He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

The psalmist claimed these blessings. When Jesus went to the Cross He sealed the covenant of God’s love and care. Praise be to God!

Prayer: Eternal Creator and loving Savior, you are ever with us. You keep our “going out” and are “coming in.” You are the source from which our help comes. We thank you, Lord. We bless you, Lord. We praise you, Lord. Amen.

Frank Schwall