Today’s Scripture: Mark 1:1-8

8“I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you will the Holy Spirit.”  (NIV)

I don’t know how many times I have read this scripture, but I do know that this thought crosses my mind every time I read it. Ever since I can remember, I have gone to River Road Church, Baptist. When I walk into the doors, whether it’s Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, or Sunday nights with my youth group, I know that I am coming home.

Artwork by Sharon Seward

Artwork by Sharon Seward

Why do I call this place my home? Don’t I already have a home with my bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room in it? River Road is my home because it is where I feel the closest to God. It takes away all of my fears, all of my worries, and is an escape from my daily chaotic life. It is where I was dedicated at three months old, where I have been going to Sunday school since I was little, where I got baptized, and where I find my closest friends that I’ll ever have.

A couple months ago I told my mom, “Every Sunday when I go to church, it is like a fresh start or a reset for the week.” I have only been literally baptized once with water, but God has baptized me with the Holy Spirit every time I step foot in River Road Church. It’s my home, it’s my family, and it’s where I find peace.

Everyone has a place like this or people in their lives that brings them this renewal of peace. It’s important to once in a while step back from our daily lives and go to this place of peace to get baptized once more.

Dear Lord, even though sometimes we might not know it, or don’t think we have time for it, let us find peace in our lives. Let us come to a place and be with people that we love to find that the Holy Spirit baptizes us time after time, and forever and ever. Amen.