“How long is long enough?” asked one of the participants in children’s worship. The assignment had been for them to sit quietly until we felt ready to begin the lesson for the day. Children don’t typically like to wait so it can be difficult for them to calm down and focus as we begin our worship time together. “I will wait until we are ready” was my reply. Sometimes this takes longer than I would hope for. I find myself getting frustrated with those who simply cannot focus on the “moment” but rather squirm and roll their eyes as I attempt to share the gospel story with them.

If I am honest with myself, waiting is not my strong suit either. I wonder how God feels when He tries to point me in the right direction or lead me into stronger relationships or protect me from making life changing mistakes…. and I squirm and fidget and refuse to listen to what His will might be for my life. Can I learn to focus on what God is teaching me? Can I sit still and wait for God’s presence to permeate my life? I suppose the question of “How long is long enough?” is my question as well. I suppose God’s answer is “I will wait until you are ready.” Teach me patience God.

by Ann Ashcraft, Interim Minister to Children