Originally published in the Spring 2016 Quarterly Explorer

Since the beginning of October, the Pastor Search Committee has continued to meet approximately every two weeks. During this time, we have hired a consultant, Dr. Bill Wilson of the Center for Healthy Churches, and held a day-long orientation session with him in December.

As part of our preparation, we have had two conversations with the congregation for input into several important questions:

  1. Why you came to RRCB?
  2. Why you stay?
  3. What you believe to be the core values of RRCB?
  4. What you envision as the future of RRCB? What you think the challenges may be in the next several years?
  5. What are your expectations of the new pastor?

Susan Rucker has graciously led the committee in a team building exercise and assisted the committee with a preliminary exercise in developing a candidate profile.

We are currently developing two documents to be posted on the church’s website: a Congregational Profile and a Pastor Profile. Once these are posted, we will begin the formal process of accepting resumes from prospective candidates. We anticipate that occurring in the second quarter of 2016.

Please continue to keep the work of the Pastor Search Committee in your prayers.