Clingenpeel Retirement Reception w Portrait 2015

Photo by Warren F. Johnson (click to enlarge)

The celebration of Mike Clingenpeel’s retirement as our Pastor culminated with a reception on November 22 in which gifts were given to him and Vivian and the church was presented with a portrait of Mike.  The portrait was a gift of the Endowment Fund and will hang in the parlor with the portraits of the other former Pastors of River Road Church.  In addition, Dr. Slatton announced that Mike would join him in holding the title of Pastor Emeritus.

As an expression of their love for Mike and Vivian and their appreciation for all Mike has done as our Pastor, over 200 church families contributed to a fund for the purchase of gifts.  In view of his love for golf, Mike was presented with a Scotty Cameron putter and a dozen golf balls inscribed with his name.  Vivian was given an iPod.  Together Mike and Vivian were given season tickets to University of Richmond basketball games and a collection of children’s books to read to their grandchild due in February.  Finally, a check is being presented to Mike that he and Vivian can use to travel or do whatever else they would like.  The generosity of our congregation means that this check can be in excess of $22,000.

Unrelated to these gifts, the church is transferring to Mike the church-owned automobile that Mike has used during his entire 11 years with us.  Mike had proposed purchasing the car from the church, but the Personnel and Finance Committees believed it more appropriate to make a gift of the car as a small token of the church’s gratitude for his years of dedicated service.

The Retirement Celebration Committee also expresses appreciation to all who assisted in the three events.  This assistance reflects the spirit within the congregation.