PASSPSORTkids! Camp 2012 is over but not forgotten! Thirteen children and two adults will carry the wonderful memories from this outstanding camp experience for many years to come. During our three and a half days together we learned about the importance of embracing community (even those different from us!), extending grace (loving others as we love ourselves) and accepting the fact the God has empowered us (filled us with power) to go and do the work of Christ in the world. Our days were filled with worship, Bible study, recreation and “celebrations.”

The mission focus this year was “Watering Malawi.” The second night the worship center was transformed into an African village where we learned how those in Malawi eat, how they travel to get water, how they care for their children, games the children play, and how they learn about God. We even learned five Chichewa words or phrases. It was truly a magical experience!
PASSPORTkids! Camp strives to empower children to believe they can make a positive difference in their community and in their world. They stress that very young children can indeed “lead” others to care for those who are hurting, live in poverty, or have lost hope. I hope that River Road Church continues to encourage our children to move out of their comfort zones to help those who are sad, lonely, poor or otherwise “lost.” It is my belief that children can indeed change the world!

by Ann Ashcraft, Interim Minister to Children