Every camper at Passport selected a choice (Grace Notes, Missions, Skin Deep, etc.) and every day throughout the week we participated in activities in our choices.

It seemed like the majority of the campers wanted to participate in Missions and as a result, I did not get into my first choice, Missions, but my second choice, Skin Deep. Jordan Nurney was also in this choice and the first day there we did nothing but socialize with everyone else in the group. People that knew each other stuck together and groups were made almost immediately. However, over the week all the campers learned to reach out and talk to people that didn’t necessarily share the same interests.

On the second day in Skin Deep, we got into groups of about nine or ten and received $20 from our choice leader, Maggie. We were driven to the grocery store and were instructed to buy a healthy lunch using the money given to us. Each day we were also required to find a different partner and walk around campus with them and learn more about them.

This choice was a really great way to get to know others and learn to reach out and meet new people.