All week long at Passport, I spent my choices time in Gracenotes. We learned not only about music, but how music connects with God and worship.

Gracenotes was very unique because you met people that were very passionate about music and talented just like yourself. Our teacher, Carter, was amazing and would make us explore our faith and help us gain a sense of God in our music. During our classes we would talk about the differences between concerts and worship, how to mix instruments together into a harmony, and how to write our own lyrics and music.

On Wednesday and Thursday one band on each night performed in worship. It was very cool, especially for me, to perform with a band because I had never done that before. At the end of the week our whole class performed a song that we wrote ourselves about the lessons of Passport.

The main goal of Gracenotes was to include God in our music, especially in worship. I am sure that Zach [Bostic], Taylor [Bostic], Michael [Whitty], and Meg [Rooney] can agree that this was one musical experience we will never forget.