Each summer the 3rd through 6th grade students who attend River Road Church are invited to attend Passportkids! Camp. This year, camp dates are June 19-22 at Eagle Eyrie Conference center outside of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Although I know that summer schedules are very busy, I am hopeful that RRCB will have a strong showing at Passport this summer. The benefits a child receives from attending this camp are significant. Passport Camp provides opportunities for children to strengthen relationships among fellow RRCB students, to make new friends with students from other churches, to deepen their relationship with God and to identify new ways to share the good news of Christ both here and in other parts of the world.

Because the camp is relationally based, every child is quickly networked into the social fabric of the camp ensuring that all students feel accepted and included. The camp days are filled with age-appropriate Bible study sessions, energetic and relevant worship opportunities and many fun and exciting social and “play” events.

Perhaps the best endorsement for Passport is that students who attend come back year after year. The sign up deadline for this year is April 24th. Chaperones are also needed. Call the church office today to enroll your child or to volunteer to attend the camp as a chaperone.