This week, I have the treat of being a part of Unidiversity, a discipleship camp, with 16 of our teenagers and two other adults. I wanted you to hear from the youth what this week has been like:

  • 13708366_10155025411574046_6979284645222301912_oI got to know two people that I didn’t know well before this trip from our own church and met even more from the other churches!
  • This week is very meaningful because it opens up my eyes to different things that I could never have back at home.
  • This week has been really meaningful to me because I have become closer with my youth group, and I have become friends with new people outside of my church. I have enjoyed learning about things I love to do with people who like it as much as I do, and connecting with God at the same time.
  • This week has been meaningful to me because I have gotten so close to people. We bond over this camp and our similarities which leads to us having a strong relationship that will last even when we are apart.
  • I enjoyed the new styles of the prayers we did in worship. I also loved meeting new friends and learning about God with them.
  • Unidiversity is such a life changing experience that gives you the opportunity to form a great relationship with God. Throughout the week, so many great friendships are formed and you’ll never forget this trip.
  • This week at camp, I made tons of new friends and further strengthened the bond between myself and others in my youth group. The best thing about this week is that I was able to talk about my personal struggles in church group devotions because of how understanding they are. Overall, this week was amazing and meaningful in so many ways. I’m going to miss it so much.
  • Unidiversity is a nice place where you can meet new friends really quickly and have interesting journeys with them across the amazing University of Tennessee campus. I would recommend it to a friend. Five out of five stars.

The trips that youth and children are a part of are often life-changing.  This week has been no different. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of such a holy experience. The best thing is that camp is we still have two more days. I can’t wait to share with you about this amazing experience.

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