The River Road Church congregation is composed of astute, observant members, particularly when it comes to locating errors or subtle changes in our publications.  When we print an incorrect room number, meeting time, Bible reference, or misspelled name, a careful reader lets us know we goofed.

From time to time the change you notice is not a mistake at all.  Instead, it represents a new nomenclature or way of doing things.

This week one of our observant members detected a new job title for one of our long-tenured sextons, Chuck Ursiny.  Chuck’s new title, printed amid the order of service and lily list in last Sunday’s gigantic bulletin, is Building Services Coordinator.

This new title is both reality and aspiration.  It represents an effort to alter the process by which room setups happen at River Road Church.

Every group that uses our building—Sunday school classes, the preschool, James River Singers, yoga, Knit-Wits, evening bridge, watercolor class, American Legion post, etc.—needs their room configured a different way than the group that previously occupied that same space.  Many of these changes are the same each week; a few require a unique set up.

In the past the Church Administrator received these requests and passed them on to the sextons.  In the future we want church members to go directly to Chuck with their set up requests.  Chuck now has his own e-mail address to receive these,

In time we also hope Chuck will relate to those volunteers who serve so faithfully in our building maintenance and repair, such as FIXERS.

We appreciate Chuck’s willingness to assume this additional role among his job responsibilities.  Feel free to speak with him about your room’s needs.