. . . . . Beyond all mortal dream.”  These encouraging words are embedded in “Pilgrims’ Hymn,” Sunday’s anthem, composed by the late Stephen Paulus. What a relief to be told that we are limited in our understanding of how grace has worked and will work in our lives – and how we do not even have the capacity to dream of its magnitude! Wasn’t this one of Martin Luther’s most important tenets when he protested against the “countable” ways that people might achieve salvation – deeds and works that you could tally? If we were careful record keepers, I suppose we could literally count the cumulative amounts of our financial contributions, the number of nails we drove into 2×4’s during a mission tour, the number of times we have tipped the soup ladle to feed others – tallying up the good deeds. It could be tallied because it would be a finite number. Now, try attaching a number to limitless grace. Try to enumerate something that is “beyond all mortal dream.” Frankly, the more we recognize how we are affected by God’s infinite grace, the more we come to realize how little we understand – a paraphrase of Albert Einstein, who was in the business of “human” knowledge.

As we approach a season of thankfulness and generosity, we can ponder how God’s grace has affected each of us. Consider the role we can play in showing others that this grace is – – – – endless.

Written by Bob Gallagher